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macheide ♡ 276 ( +1 | -1 )
Do you know... Dear GK fellows,

Here are some very interesting facts about Chess and some of its protagonists. This information was taken from: "The Chess Companion" by the late Irving Chernev.

1) In a forty year chess career, Steinitz captured a total of 47,963 Pawns.

2) Kieseritzky in one day`s play against all comers sprang the Scholar`s Mate 19 times.

3) In offhand games alone, Morphy sacrificed 52 Queens, 97 Rooks, 136 Knights and 263 Bishops.

4) Buckle write two chapters of his "History of Civilization" while waiting for Williams to make his 25th move in the fourth game of their 1851 match.

5) Colonel Moreau holds the record of the worst score in any one tournament. At Monte Carlo in 1903, he lost twice to every opponent, winding up 26 zeros.

6) Mason made 144 moves in succession with his Queen, against Mackenzie at London in 1882.

7) In ten years of tournament and match play, Capablanca lost only one game.

8) The world`s record for checkmating on the unprotected last rank is held by Paolo Boi, who won 9,647 games by this maneuver.

9) Nimzowitsch doubled Rooks on the 7th rank in 167 tournament games, beating the former mark of 152 held by Zukertort.

10) In the Ostend tournament of 1937, Grob won three games in a row on the time-limit.

11) The record holder of "en passant" captures in one game is Paulsen, who had four of such captures out of six possible in his game against Anderssen at Baden-Baden in 1870.

12) The under-promotion record is still Mackenzie`s: he advanced three pawns to the eight rank and promoted them to Knight, Rook and Bishop in his masterpiece against Winawer at Paris, 1878.

13) Against Bogolyubov at Hastings in 1922, Alekhine sacrificed his Queen, promoted a Pawn to Queen, sacrificed his new Queen, queened another Pawn and sacrificed his third Queen. He was preparing to advance a Pawn for his fourth Queen when Bogolyubov resigned.

14) Rčti fianchettoed both Bishops in 42 games in succession. His lifetime total of fianchettoed Bishops is 2,486.

15) Rubinstein played a grand total of 1,985 games, of which 1,763 were Rook and Pawn endings.

16) Steinitz accepted and held on to 6,327 gambit Pawns offered by his opponents.

17) A. N. Other has snatched 8,645 Pawns in the opening. His lost games total (by sheer coincidence) 8,645 games.

18) World`s record for resigning by sweeping away the pieces and breaking the board over his opponent`s head is held by Ahmed ben Jussof, whose seven in one tournament is still unapproached.

19) In Sumatra, where the natives bet money, clothing and even parts of their bodies, the championship was held, once, by a young man whose name in our languages would be "Lefty".

I hope all of you to find these facts as interesting as I did. If someone likes this kind of stuff, just let me know to search for more.

Best wishes to all.
death_by_pawns ♡ 2 ( +1 | -1 )
i liked 13 it gave me a chuckle
tonlesu ♡ 9 ( +1 | -1 )
#19 The deposed champion was a young lady named Roberta---Formerly know as Robert.
frodan ♡ 3 ( +1 | -1 )
#18.. ...interesting way to resign a game...
tio_uy ♡ 17 ( +1 | -1 )
#18 may be Mike must to put an option to resign in this way... something like "resign politely", "resign breaking all"... :) but I think the monitor is a little heavier than a board.... :P
tombro ♡ 6 ( +1 | -1 )
#7 Should I be studying this mans games, or what!?
fiancaro ♡ 5 ( +1 | -1 )
tombro everybody should study capablanca's games
tulkos ♡ 8 ( +1 | -1 )
I liked 3 and 13 These facts are fun and funny!sure!find some more if you don't mind!
acne ♡ 4 ( +1 | -1 )
these are very interesting facts
macheide ♡ 7 ( +1 | -1 )
tulkos and acne Dear friends,

Thanks. I`ll look for more.

Best regards.