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triangulator ♡ 119 ( +1 | -1 )
chess game against a expert W. J. Kalivas / B. A. Lenderman
(1279) (2093)
25/1 sd/1
1.d4 ,Nf6
2.c4 ,g6
3.Nc3 ,Bg7
4.e4 ,d6
5.Nf3 ,0-0
6.Be2 ,e5
7.dxe5 ,dxe5
8.Qxd8 ,Rxd8
9.0-0 ,Bg4
10.Be3 ,Nc6
11.h3 ,Bxf3
14.Nd5 ,Ne8
16.Nb4 ,Nc7
17.Nd3 ,Ne6
18.g3 ,Re8
20.b4 ,b6
21.Bg2 ,c5
22.b5 ,a6
23.a4 ,Ra8
24.e5 ,Ra7
25.Ra1 ,a5 - at the time control my clock read 4 min and his read 20 min
26.f4 ,Nd8
27.Ra2 ,Rae7
29.h4 ,Ne6 - on 29.h4 I was looking at h5 opening up some files
30.Bh3 ,Kh8 - on 30. Bh3 I switched plans and went after the night vs bishop advantage but right here I think playing for an h5 advance [via Kf2 then Rh1] is best for white.
31.Kf1 ,Ng7
32.g4 ,Ne6
33.g5 ,Bg7
34.Re4 ,Rd8
35.Bxe6, fxe6 –here he took his longest think of the game – about 11 min he told me that he was looking at 35.Rxe6 and later on sacking the bishop on e5.
36.Kf2 ,Rf7
37.Rh1 ,Bf8
38.Kg3 ,Be7
39.Re2 ,Rdf8
41.Rh3 ,h6
42.Kg4 ,Rh8
43.Kg3 ,Rf5- here I offered a draw but he declined.
44.Kg4 ,Rhf8
46.Rh1 ,Rh7
48.Nf2 ,Rd8
49.Nd3 ,Rdh8
50.Nf2 ,Bd8
51.Ne4 ,Rf8
52.Nf6 ,h5+
53.Kf3 ,Bxf6
54.gxf6+Kf7 –here I offered another draw but he declined.
55.Ke2 ,Rd8
56.Kd3 ,Rg8
57.Rg2 ,Ke8
59.Rg1. 1/2 by 3 fold repletion on move 68 and my clock read 17:49 and his 19:23.

I was playing for a draw from move #1, so, obviously I was very happy to get the queens and a couple minor pieces off the board so quick, but it was because I played for a draw that I missed 41.h5 and instead played the text.
I would like some help from the good players(preferably 1800+ but everyone's help is welcome )on some winning lines for me (white) after #25...a5.Thanks a lot

tulkos ♡ 0 ( +1 | -1 )
anyone want to give some analysis?